Our aim is the complete trazability of our garments, respecting the environment and the people involved in the whole process of 'la Txantxita Feliz'.


This is the beginning, and we still have a long way to go over our goal.


Nowadays, we can guarantee the sustainable process, since we get the material until the garment arrives to the costumer. This trazability gets extend on the 'Green Cherry' series (the green Txantxita one), that is made of organic fabrics, with GOTS certification and lower environmental impact dyes.

Also, we work with:

  • Trust providers and as local as possible.
  • Tags, publicity, etc from 100% recicled paper
  • Reusable and recycable packaging (100% unbleached cotton)
  • Recycling: easy to separate the components
  • We enlarge the life of our underwear
  • Elastics certified by OekoTex